Allow Birds?

Allow Birds?

(by Robert [TN]

State Specific Question About: TENNESSEE (TN) A prospective Tenant is asking if we would allow two birds that stay in a cage? Any thoughts or past experience is appreciated. Seems kind of harmless, but I nothing to base this on.

Allow birds? (by Jim in O C [CA]

Increase the deposit like any other pet. I had one tenant that kept letting the bird out of the cage. When they moved i had claw marks everywhere.

Allow birds? (by WMH [NC]

I had a pair of lovebirds once. A “moving” gift from a friend – found out why!! They could open their cage no matter how I tied it shut and though at first they couldn’t fly, they COULD climb drapes, chew shoelaces (and anything else) poop on anything…they ruined the drywall edging…then one day suddenly they could fly and right out the sliding door they went…I was not sorry. I lived in Florida at the time – I wonder if I introduced a new invasive species? Anyway: no, no birds.

Allow birds? (by OHLL [OH]

My wife used to have a cockatiel. It stayed in the cage most of the time but their was poop on the wall and the floor by the cage. Granted it cleaned up easily with water but I was not disappointed when it passed away from old age.

Allow birds? (by Deanna [TX]

My former primary residence was owned by a little old lady who allowed her little birds to free-range. They would perch on the kitchen drawers and poo in them. We spent the first week getting all the bird droppings cleaned up. If you see their current home, you can see whether or not they’re truly perma-caged. I have one tenant whose great-grandmother died, and she inherited her parakeet. It’s fine for the most part. It stays in its cage most of the time, but is allowed to exercise a little. However, whenever I change the air filter, there’s always small feathers trapped in it.

Allow birds? (by Ray-N-Pa [PA])

Bird crap can spatter the walls in the corner.

Allow birds? (by OREO [WI]

Some birds are loud. If the cage is not covered overnite, they are up at the crack of any light and so is anyone living in the building. Just sayin, in case this is a duplex or apartment building.

Allow birds? (by FloridaNative [FL]

I made that mistake one time with a tenant and allowed birds in a cage. Two birds, parrots if I recall. What a mess. Never again.

Allow birds? (by Scott [IN]

I would allow it if they were willing to pay extra deposit and pet rent. Of course inspect their current residence so you know what to expect.

Allow birds? (by Allym [NJ]

Bigger ones scream at dawn to welcome the day. I had to put mine in a closet so he wouldn’t wake anyone up. If it’s a single family with distance from other homes may be OK. Mine died from the chemicals in non stick pans cooking. I had no idea of that problem.

Allow birds? (by Tony [NJ]

I allowed this once many years ago. Figured – what damage could a parakeet do? Repainted after move-out and found plenty of bird poop on top of the windowsills from this “always in the cage” pet. Never again.

Allow birds? (by zero [IN]

Birds are easy to potty train as long as you don’t mind where they poop at.

Allow birds? (by Jim [OH]

My rentals are multi family. Birds want attention just like dogs. They hear people in the building and they start “reaching out” for attention. Nobody ever leaves a bird in the cage when they’re home ever. Polly wants a cracker? That pet owner knows what Polly wants cuz Polly is on the end table next to the owner. No birds, and no dogs. They will not work in a multi-family. SFH rental? There will be considerable clean-up.

Allow birds? (by Ron [IL]

I allowed a tenant to keep a parakeet. He placed the cage too close to the window and the bird pecked and ruined the blinds. I pointed it out to the tenant and he replaced the blinds and moved the cage further from the window. –

Allow birds? (by kkezir [KS]

On my rental application and in the ad, I state no birds.. so they know upfront. I don’t like birds and I don’t want to clean up after someone else’s bird. So no birds. –

Allow birds? (by WMH [NC]

Just remembered I had an aunt who had a very spoiled parakeet that flew loose around the house most of the time. At one family dinner, it dive-bombed the gravy and then flew smack onto my dad’s head. He sat there shaking with laughter as the gravy ran down his face…lucky he was easy-going I guess. –

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