Code of Ethics

Toledo REIA: Code of Ethics

The ownership and management of Real Estate is a free enterprise. The members of the Real Estate Investors Assn. of Toledo treat this with the utmost professionalism.

The REIA of Toledo member is civic-minded and operates to the highest standards, and should recognize that the interest of the community require the highest and best use of the land and its buildings. The REIA of Toledo member recognizes the need for adequate housing and the preservation of a healthy environment. Thus the members share a common responsibility to maintain and improve housing. The letters REIA of Toledo will be synonymous with competency, fairness and integrity.

Accepting these standards every REIA of Toledo member pledges to conduct his business in accordance if the articles set below:

1. The member should keep himself or herself informed on matters affecting housing in their community.

2. The member shall keep informed regarding local, state, and federal law.

3. The member will not discriminate against any person for reasons of race. color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or handicap.

4. The member will recognize that residents are customers and we are in the service industry.

5. The member has an obligation to help another member whenever possible.

6. The member will not engage in any illegal practices and always conduct themselves in a professional manner.

7. The member will not cheat, wrong, or defraud any other member, owner or resident.

8. The member will be aware of the needs and concerns of our community and as a property owner will make every effort to respond to those needs and concerns.