Live Webinar Series: TAX-FREE REAL ESTATE

Live Webinar Series: TAX-FREE REAL ESTATE



Unlock the secrets of tax-free real estate investing with your IRA/401K in our exclusive four-part webinar series, hosted by industry expert Carl Fischer. Gain invaluable insights and practical strategies to maximize your retirement funds through real estate investments. Register now to secure your spot!

SESSION 1: Self-Directed Investing 101

Date: June 19 @ 6:30 PM EST

Discover the fundamentals of self-directed investing and how it can generate tax-free income for life. This session covers:

  • What exactly is a self-directed account?
  • Differences between truly self-directed and brokerage house accounts
  • Optimal number of accounts for diversification
  • Best investments for building your self-directed account
  • Identifying prohibited transactions
  • NREIA member discounts
  • Strategies for raising additional funds for deals

SESSION 2: UBIT – What It Is and How It Works

Date: July 17 @ 6:30 PM EST

Navigate the complexities of UBIT and UDFI with ease. This session explains:

  • How self-directed accounts can borrow money from banks and others
  • Understanding UBIT and UDFI
  • Determining who pays and how much
  • Exploring legal UBIT blockers
  • When UDFI applies
  • Why UBIT and UDFI are not deal breakers for the wealthy
  • Plans subject to these taxes

SESSION 3: Jump Start Your IRA/401K

Date: August 21 @ 6:30 PM EST

Learn the best strategies and assets to exponentially grow your account. Key topics include:

  • Effective strategies to rapidly grow your IRA/401K
  • 20 ways to invest in real estate with minimal cash
  • Identifying low-cost yet lucrative deals

SESSION 4: Exit Strategies and Asset Protection

Date: September 18 @ 6:30 PM EST

Explore modern exit strategies and asset protection techniques post-2019. This session covers:

  • Adapting to the elimination of the stretch IRA
  • Best practices for exiting tax-advantaged accounts
  • Transforming a savings account into a protected asset
  • Preparing your heirs for inheritance management

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to tax-free real estate investing. Register now and take the first step towards financial freedom with your IRA/401K.


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