Landlord Blog: How to Show Proof of Delivery

Landlord Blog: How to Show Proof of Delivery

Certified Mail [NY]

Sent certified letter to both tenants notifying them of a rent increase, respectively 12/1/21 and 1/1/22.. Neither of them picked it up or were “available for signature” (which is odd because there is always someone at home–I did not specify the signator) and it got returned back to me. These tenants are otherwise “normal” keep their place tidy, follow the rules, pay their rent, etc.
One of the stickers on the certified letters for the downstairs tenant said “no mail receptacle??” Huh? Both of them have standard mailboxes! Both are still in place.

Certified Mail FL
Did you also send copies of the increase via first class mail?
Is it possible to hand-deliver the letters or to post the letters on their doors.

Certified Mail [NY]
I will be hand delivering them but I figured to CYA I’d send them certified seeing that NYS is militantly pro-tenant.

Certified Mail [CA]
When I need “proof” that a tenant has received some type of notification, I do the following:
First copy mailed with a first class stamp. (meets the requirement for notice received).
Second copy sent with a tracking number that I can access via the internet to show the letter was delivered to the address.
And sometimes I’ll send notice in a parcel box, from a different address like my office — that the package has to be delivered to the person via UPS that the carrier will confirm received by tenant with a signature and I’ll get an email confirmation.
So if it cost me 55 cents, 5 bucks or even $12 — my tenant will be served and next month I’ll get the extra rental amount.

Certified Mail [CA]
For your first copy, you might add a certificate of mailing, to show proof that you actually deposited the copy into the US Mail. It is a hard presumption for the tenant to deny that the letter was delivered (although he may do so).
Second copy, you send with tracking number whose log will show exactly when and where the copy was actually delivered.
Court will require that tenant watch his mail.

Certified Mail [NY]
I don’t send return receipt requested mail for notices like that. just use the proof of mailing which gives you a tracking number. I did send a certified letter to my evicted tenants and it was forwarded to their new address where they didn’t sign for it and sent back to me. I now have their new address for small claims court.

Certified Mail IN
People avoiding creditors know better than to accept certified mail. Nothing good comes certified.
What does you state require? The rules in Indiana say SEND or DELIVER. They don’t say the res must RECEIVE it.
USPS is unreliable for legal matters.
If you truly fear pushback I’d deliver the letter in person or tape it to their door.
And text it to both residents. People read their texts.

Certified Mail NC
My new policy is mail, email and text for rent increases giving them 60 days of notice since my last one said they never got the letter I sent.


Certified Mail [WI]
Last time I sent a rent increase, I TRIED to send it where I got the receipt I SENT something, but specifically said I don’t need tenants to sign for it. Apparently, that is NOT an option. The letters were not signed for, I then got notice to pick the letters up back at my local post office.
After that experience, I decided to just mail notices by ordinary mail and tape a copy to their door. If it ever gets to where I need more ‘proof’, I’ll probably FedEx it. Maybe even in a small box, rather than just the flat envelope.

Certified Mail OH
My big city has shifted away from the US Postal service for the reasons Brad gives, now fedex-photo delivery is the normal transport mode.

Certified Mail NJ
I always write on the certified copy, one copy via first class mail in the body of the text. Have someone photo you putting it on the door


Certified Mail AZ
First you have to check the laws in your state not all are the same when it comes to compliance of proof of notice given. I just send everything certified by USPS to their current/last know address like security deposit statements which could be the rental location if they left with no forwarding address as in security refund statements. At this point I have satisfied the legal requirements. Some things like eviction requires posting a notice on the residence too. I play it safe as the law always accepts something sent “certified” as proof of service. The post office keeps the online tracking for two years too. Cost a few bucks for peace of mind.

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