How To Target Millennial Homebuyers

How To Target Millennial Homebuyers

Millennials are currently the largest group of homebuyers. However, their buying needs are different than other generations. If you’d like to target millennial buyers, try incorporating some of these tips into your strategy.

Social Media Matters

Tech-savvy millennials have grown up using social media, and they expect to see their agents on the most popular networks. If you’re looking to target millennials, start creating shareable blog posts and videos of neighborhoods and home listings. Keep in mind that popular content can be seen by millions of people and attract more clients. Plus, providing this free and helpful information helps build trust before you even start working together.

Use the Latest Technology

In addition to social media, millennials are also very comfortable with technology, and they expect the same from their real estate agent. However, having a website isn’t enough. Instead, you should use some of the latest technology tools when selling a home to strengthen your image as an experienced real estate agent. You can use livestreaming to let buyers see properties or even create 3D virtual tours of homes.

Floor Plans Are a Must

All homebuyers want to see the space inside a house in an easy-to-visualize format, and millennials are no exception. In addition to professional pictures, make sure your real estate listings also include a complete floor plan. This will help buyers envision themselves in the property.

Keep Home Design Modern and Simple

Millennials aren’t interested in complicated design. This doesn’t mean homes should be plain. Instead, neutral colors and a more streamlined, Scandinavian design seem to appeal to millennial buyers. Also, keep in mind that millennials want a home that accommodates their lifestyle and values, so be sure to emphasize the benefits of the property.

Millennials shop for homes differently than other generations. However, properly marketing to them is well worth the effort.

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