Can You Work With Me

Can You Work With Me

Applicant: “Can you work with me on (the 1st month rent/the deposit)?”

Me: “No, we already have contractors.” or just “No”.

No, I’m not in a position to be your lender and require move-in funds to be paid in full before keys are turned over.

No. I actually have it in my ads and when I discuss about the apartment “first and security are due at lease signing/move-in. No exceptions”.

I actually don’t get too many that ask this any longer. Most of the time now it’s “I have the money to move in now” … I usually then state “well, hold onto it until you’ve seen the apartment, completed an application and been approved”.

Sure can! Pay the SD and first months rent at lease signing, that works.

“You have to have everything pay before move in. What are your moving dates?” And then listen and hear what they have in mind. Once I simply said “no” just to find out they were asking for a few days until another payroll check came in so they would have to pull from savings, it was a mid month viewing and they wanted the house on the 1st, so only a five day or so wait to fund move in cost. Stay about three years, left everything sparkling and we’re excellent residents. Try and get full and complete information before saying “no”.

Upfront I spell our move in requirements as first months rent and from one to two months security deposit depending on credit information verified . I am a housing provider not a bank.

This eliminates the marginal applicants.

So Mr/Mrs applicant, it sounds like you are qualified on my end but do not have all the money required to move in. We have found that people that find themselves in this position at move in tend to have this problem even after they move in too.

All good answers, I have not found myself in these shoes, yet…

Can I pay bi-monthly?


So I can pay half on the first and half on the fifteenth?

No. You can pay the first month’s rent in full on the first, then on the 15th you can pay 1/2 towards next month, and by the 1st pay the remainder. We don’t take rent in arrears.

Applicant: “Can you work with me on (the 1st month rent/the deposit)?”

Me: Yes, if you are approved for the property, our lease offers qualified residents two options for “Move-in payment requirements”.

A. Pay the 1st month’s rent and deposit at time of move in,

B. Increase the monthly rent going forward by 10% and pay that amount, and we will reduce the required security deposit by half.

Your Choice.

Jeffrey, If someone chooses to add 10% onto the rent each month, once the security deposit is brought up to the original requirement (not half sec deposit) does the tenant have the option to discontinue the monthly 10% add to rent?

Has a tenant ever asked this of you; if not, how would you respond?

Can I pay bi-monthly?

Yes! Smart budgeting idea. We only charge an extra $20/month for our bi-monthly payment plan which is much cheaper than a $50 late fee and doesn’t reflect on on your rental reference. That means you’re only paying $10 more with each rent payment and getting a lot more flexibility budgeting for your bills.

Now, that said, I prefer to be paid in full at the first of the month, but if someone wants to pay an extra $240/year in rent with few late pays and communicates well, I’ll make the offer. It’s not mentioned in the lease or advertised, but for a lot of residents this option is a lifesaver. I’ve had people on the bi-monthly payment plan for over 6 years. Made nice money from it. I know a lot of landlords really promote the bi-monthly option and offer it upfront, but I prefer folks who can afford to pay in full on the 1st and keep it as an option for those who ask.

Can you work with me on the 1st months rent and deposit?

We understand moving is expensive and can be stressful. You need to be sure you can afford the payments required on move in day or your stress becomes our stress. If you can’t afford to move right now, we suggest you keep saving and reach out again when you’re ready.

We’ve found not everyone who asks this question is irresponsible. Saying ‘no’ flat out can prevent a future opportunity. We’ve had people call back months later saying they saved their money and now they’re ready. These are the kind of responsible residents we all want. So we are nice about the question. Honestly, most of us have been there, right? We invite them to save and call us again.

I flat out say no. Just the fact that they are asking means they have finance issues. If they are not afraid to ask a question like that then you have to not be afraid to say “no”.

A lot of creative ideas though to increase cash flow. At this point in my life I just want to reduce stress, a little extra cashflow for “me” is not worth the additional stress of dealing with tenants with zero buffer funds in the bank for emergencies. My two cents.

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