Are You Grateful for Your Network?

Are You Grateful for Your Network?

By Jeffery S. Watson

An oft-repeated phrase in many of the circles in which I work is “your net worth is your network” (or vice versa). Over the last few months, I have seen that come to fruition in a greater and more exciting way than ever before! Some of the people I consider to be dear colleagues in the real estate investing space would be embarrassed if I mentioned their names in this email, so I won’t do that. I’ll just say that I am grateful to work with many of the best and brightest names in the residential real estate investing space.

I’m now venturing more into the commercial multi-family space and am once again finding that my network is proving to be my net worth. Here are a couple of tactics I believe have been beneficial for me in developing my network.

First, I show up. I take the time, make the effort, and spend the money to attend real estate investing and educational events that have value and allow me to network with others.

Second, I consistently try to give out information of benefit and help to others. That’s why you’re reading this email, which I’ve been doing for over a dozen years now and plan to continue until I retire from practicing law.

The third thing I think is important for establishing your network and proving what it can do for you and your future business is paying careful attention to your reputation and integrity. Make sure your yes is yes, your no is no, get things done when you say you are going to do them, and do your best to promptly respond to questions and inquiries.

This is not a complete list, but these are some of the things I believe have been key in the development of what I consider to be a powerhouse network which is helping me continue to grow and build my net worth.

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