Why You Should Get Going with Corporate Rentals

Why You Should Get Going with Corporate Rentals

Landlords have always had the ability to woo business travelers to their rentals.

But now that online travel agencies such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor have gone mainstream, it’s easier than ever!

Let’s define a corporate rental as a dwelling that’s lease directly to a company or a business traveler who has a housing allowance. If a company is paying for the rental, and not the tenant, then it’s a corporate rental.

When a company pays their employees or contractors to work remotely, then that tenant: 1 – Will likely go out of their way to not embarrass their employer

2 – Will have a binary attitude towards your rates. Either your rates are within their allowance, or they aren’t.

These two characteristics make business travelers the most lucrative and ideal people for your rentals.

The Opportunity

Business travelers find that with mid-term corporate rentals, they are able to afford more home-like conveniences for less. They are able to cook healthier, have more privacy, and have a richer travel experience when they don’t stay at a hotel.

That’s why the trend in corporate housing is spiking. Especially when a traveler is on an assignment for 30 days or longer.

Extended stay business travelers actively search for houses and apartments to live in. Many want to live in neighborhoods and not off freeway offramps.

Is it possible that you could furnish a rental to accommodate corporate travelers?

Could you earn hotel-size money instead of market rents?

Most certainly!

How Much Could You Make

The U.S. General Services Administration (gsa.gov) maintains a list of daily hotel rates for various cities throughout the United States. Their website presents per diem housing rates for each calendar month.

If you’re trying to decide if a corporate rental would be profitable, then look up the GSA per diem rate for your city and work with that number.

For example, the 2022 GSA per diem hotel/lodging rates for Toledo is $96 per night. Assuming a 30-night stay, that’s $2,880 per month.

Assuming a 70% occupancy, if you have a one-bedroom corporate rental in Toledo, you could reasonably expect to earn $2,016 per month.

The next step is to calculate the difference between your expected corporate rental earnings and your local market rent.

For example, based on information from Rentometer.com, the average rents for a one-bedroom apartment in Toledo is $1,154 per month. This means that you could make $862 extra each month ($2,016 – $1,154) if you converted a traditional rental into a corporate rental. That’s a LOT of money!

Of course, you’ll need to pay for the electricity and other monthly expenses associated with a corporate rental, but even after paying those expenses, the additional net income is fantastic!

Help Making a Decision

Extended stay hotels have been around for decades. They are part of a mature industry. By focusing on extended stays, and not nightly stays, you can take month-to-month landlording to new heights.

Corporations behind Extended Stay America and Residence Inn by Marriott use a lot of sophisticated financial models and institutional knowledge to decide where to place their +$10M hotels. So, if there’s an extended stay hotel near you, then you should accept that as proof that your extended stay corporate rental will be wildly successful.

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