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Here is this week’s “Weekly Roundup” from Real Estate Investing Today, the news & views site from the National Real Estate Investors Association. Chief Economist: US housing Market has “Big Hole to Dig Out Of”

On a recent episode of Mornings with Maria,’s chief economist, Danielle Hale, said “We’ve got a big hole to dig out of” when discussing the volume of new homes being built.  Click here to read more.

U.S. Employment Situation – November 2023

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 199k, in November 2023, with the unemployment rate coming in at 3.7%.  Click here to read more.

Biden Administration Proposes $15 billion Plan to Replace Lead Pipes Nationwide

The Biden administration is proposing a $15 billion plan to replace water pipes containing lead within 10 years.  According to FOX Business, the proposal would strengthen the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule and allocate $15 billion from a bipartisan infrastructure law to replace lead service lines in water systems across the nation.  Click here to read more.


CoreLogic’s HPI Says Home Price Growth Continues Slow but Steady Increase

According to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Insights (HPI) report, home prices nationwide, including distressed sales, increased year over year by 4.7% in October, 2023.  Click here to read more.

Top 10 Metros Homebuyers Are Moving Into

Recent analysis from Redfin says many people are moving away from expensive coastal cities for more affordable parts in the Sun Belt.  In fact, they point out that Nashville made it onto Redfin’s list of top migration destinations for the first time since 2021.  Click here to read more.


How Sports Betting Could be Affecting the Housing Market

Here’s an interesting theory we recently came across:  Financial services expert Meredith Whitney was a recent guest on CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss why she believes the growth in sports betting has and will further impact the housing market.  Click here to read more.

Write Your Ultimate Love Letter (It’s Not What You Think it is)!

Mary Hart says love letters come in various forms, from heartfelt handwritten notes to digital messages that express deep affection. However, there is one love letter often overlooked—a love letter that speaks beyond our mortal existence and ensures the well-being of those we hold dear.  I call this “Your Ultimate Love Letter™” and it is none other than estate planning.  Click here to read more.

Life Expectancy in the U.S.

Infographic:  The Visual Capitalist says around 1800, global life expectancy at birth stood at roughly 29 years.  However, since the 1920s, life expectancy across all ages has improved leaps and bounds, thanks to rapid advancements in nutrition, healthcare, and sanitation.  Click here to read more.

reiaSense – September 2023

Check out the September 2023 issue of reiaSENSE, National REIA’s monthly government affairs publication. Click here to download.



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