Stopping the “Anti-Predatory” Nonsense

Stopping the “Anti-Predatory” Nonsense

By Jeffery S. Watson

Dear Anna,

Given all the different stories in the news, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the announcements regarding multiple progressive U.S. Senators introducing a bill called the “Stop Predatory Investing Act” which is designed to remove certain tax deductions for interest expense and depreciation deductions for property owners with 50 or more single-family homes. The way this bill is described in the blurb on varies a bit from the one-pager released by the offices of Senators Sherrod Brown and John Fetterman. When I last checked, the text for this bill was not available (getting a bill number and having it introduced without having to provide the text is a perk if you are the chairman of the committee, as Sherrod Brown is).

I did a detailed Zoom call last week explaining the steps that each and every real estate investor should follow in order to register their opposition to this bill. Here is the good news. My tech team has taken that call and shortened it to less than 10 minutes long which you can watch and then click on the various links given at the end of the video so you can copy, customize for your Senators and business, and send it to the two Senators for your state. CLICK HERE to watch that video and get those links.

I’m asking you for a 15-to-17-minute investment of your time – 10 minutes to watch the video, and 5-7 minutes to click, copy, paste, customize and send. You can do this from the comfort and convenience of your own home, but please get it done THIS WEEK. Thank you for doing your part!

        Your comments and brief questions are appreciated. I read every one and will do my best to briefly respond. If you like this article, please feel free to share it on social media or otherwise and encourage your friends to go to to sign up so they can receive their own emails.

Until next time,

Jeffery S. Watson

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