Most Subject-To Investors Have No Clue about This

Most Subject-To Investors Have No Clue about This

By: Jeffery S. Watson

Dear Anna,

In emails to you this week, I’ve shared the opportunity for you to be one of the first people to take action and get a series of videos titled “Taxation and Structuring Sub2 & Wraps” that John Hyre and I did regarding subject-to transactions and wraps. One of the first action takers wrote me shortly after he began watching the videos and said, “I had no idea there could be phantom tax owed by a seller in a subject-to transaction if the investor didn’t know how to do it correctly.” 

Imagine being a young, inexperienced investor eagerly doing your first subject-to transaction involving an older landlord. Because you didn’t know what to do, you structured the deal incorrectly, and that landlord got hit with a large phantom income tax bill from the IRS. Just imagine how that potential long-term relationship and referral network that would have led to multiple deals in future years became a flaming pile of ash, all because you didn’t know what to do.

You can avoid ruining a good subject-to deal by CLICKING HERE and taking action today to get the video training done by John Hyre and me in which we talk about the important differences in various types of structures for subject-to transactions. We explain how you can show burned-out landlords how to do a subject-to transaction and arrange for an installment sale without getting hit with phantom income tax and being able to defer their long-term capital gains taxes as well.

Don’t wait! CLICK HERE to take action now and get 6 hours of video training while the introductory price of $997 is still available. After March 4th, the price will increase to $1,497 or more.

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Until next time,

Jeffery S. Watson

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