Good News from Capitol Hill

Good News from Capitol Hill

By Jeffery S. Watson

Dear Anna,

I have some good news from Capitol Hill. A few weeks ago, I attended a multi-day event for an influential member of Congress.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you his name because he is a Democrat who, get this, has agreed to oppose Biden’s Renters Bill of Rights.

Yes, folks. You read that right.

Being at this fundraiser afforded me the opportunity to have multiple conversations with this member of Congress and their Chief of Staff.  Not only have they agreed to go up against the Renters Bill of Rights, but they will also specifically oppose rent control at a federal level.

I am proud to say that this has quickly brought us to a new level in our fight.

Can I get an amen? This is SUCH a victory! I can’t even fully express the joy I have in sharing it.

Until next time,

Jeffery S. Watson

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