2023 Top Negotiating Skills

2023 Top Negotiating Skills

I was talking to an old friend who is now an aspiring entrepreneur.

He made a striking comment that he finally had the “un-glamorous revelation”.

Meaning that he finally realized that all the best lifestyles are NOT from people with good high paying jobs, they are from people who own their own business…….

And the business they own doesn’t have to be glamorous. It can actually be rather mundane.

Because once you get it up and running you don’t have to do much other than check in on it and keep it rolling, which is hardly a full time commitment.

You therefore get to go and enjoy the fruits of a great lifestyle that your business gave you.

He said, with some regret, that this was the exact opposite of what they tell you to do.

— They tell you to go to college, — Get a degree
— Find a “safe” and “secure” job (heh)
— Then go back and get an advanced degree so you can move up.
— Get into management.
— Put in your time
— and eventually you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Maybe that works.

But I’ve told him for years there is a better way.

However, my business never seemed glamorous enough.

Perhaps it isn’t.

* I’m reminded of that when one of my tenants calls to complain about a broken toilet.
* Or when I’m stuck in an attic crawlspace trying to figure out why the air exchanger isn’t working.
* Or when I’m tripping over debris at a rehab.
* Or when I’m wandering through a run-down dilapidated property that might make a good wholesale.

So no, I guess being a real estate investor isn’t very glamorous.

But then I think about what I spend most of my time doing…

* Being with my family
* Being at the kids’ school and sports events
* Traveling around the world
* Exploring new countries
* Climbing mountains
* Going on great road trips
* Cool scuba adventures
* Cruising around on my jet skis
* Just sleeping in with no alarm to wake me.
* And the list goes on & on…

Perhaps the business itself isn’t very glamorous, but the lifestyle it gives me certainly is.

So who cares?

(Actually, I think I’m lucky, as I think real estate investing does also have a bit of glamour to it, especially the negotiations!)

In the case of my friend, he needed to have this revelation on his own.

After spending many years trying it the “normal” way “they” tell you to, and finding it doesn’t really work.

It’s a revelation that will do you wonders once you realize it too.

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