Done not Perfect

Done not Perfect

Here’s a phrase that should never go out of mind: “Done is better than perfect”


Because it’s the secret sauce that many of the top real estate entrepreneurs swear by. Especially me! Heck, almost every email I send has at least a half a dozen misspellings… And I will never apologize or go back to fix them. Here’s why…


Perfectionism: The Silent Killer

Perfectionism has its place, but let’s get one thing straight: When it comes to wholesaling real estate, chasing perfection can be a major setback.

Spending hours agonizing over the perfect script to talk to buyers or how your proposal to JV partners looks might seem essential. But here’s the thing, it can delay action, hinder progress, and rob you of potential deals.

Remember this…. speaking to a cash buyer and possibly completely saying the wrong thing, or even possibly embarrassing yourself is infinitely better than not talking to a cash buyer at all.


The Power of “Done”

Now, we’re not suggesting you throw caution to the wind and present half-baked plans. But there’s a sweet spot between perfection and progress. Remember, a deal closed is better than a deal pondered upon!

1. First Impressions Last: Sure, but they also evolve. Your JV partners and buyers are looking for confidence and authenticity more than a shiny presentation. Lead with value, and the rest will follow.

2. Iterative Growth: The beauty of real estate, especially in wholesaling, is that you learn with every deal. The mistakes you make in one can be corrected in the next. It’s a journey of growth.

3. Time: Here’s a revelation – you don’t need to hustle 24/7 to find success. What you need is to be effective. Instead of pouring 10 hours into perfecting one task, how about completing five impactful tasks in that time?

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