PetScreening – Know the LAW – with Victoria Cowart

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6:30 pm EST

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9:30 pm EST

Pet Screening – Know the LAW
You Bet Your Assets! What you need to know
about ESA processing & more 2.0!

Attend In-Person at Knights of Columbus
4256 Secor Rd. | Toledo, Ohio, 43623
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Toledo REIA Main Event

Victoria Cowart
Pets vs. Law

You Bet Your Assets! What you need to know about ESA processing & more 2.0

Service or support. HUD or DOJ. FHA or ADA. Do you know the differences? In this session, we’ll discuss what you need to know now about assistance animals and accommodation requests — from the 101 basics to the 2020 HUD Assistance Animal Notice. Both on-site teams and regional management will appreciate the content that we’ll cover on one of the hottest HUD complaint topics.
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Event Details:

  • Human & Animal Statistics
    • Rates of Disabilities
    • Rates of Pet/Animal Ownership
  • Fair Housing
    • FHA
    • FHAA
  • Assistance Animal Accommodations
    • Disabled Person (the Who)
    • Reasonable Accommodation (the What)
    • Terminology
  • Assistance Animal Accommodations–the HUD Part
    • FHEO 2020-01 Assistance Animals Notice
  • Request Journey
    • Two Pathways
    • Two Components
  • Process & Outcomes
    • Process Points
    • Outcomes (Approve/Reject/Continue)
  • Negative Outcomes
    • $100,000 Bonus Info!